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Establishment of SYSTEMTUBE, s.r.o. headquartered in Košice focusing on the sale of metallurgical material, especially steel pipes.


Construction and commissioning of a warehouse with metallurgical material in Nemšová of the total area of 10,147 m2.

2013 – 2019

Purchase of a semi-automatic KOIKE cutting machine, semi-automatic precise orbital AXX AIR cutter, TAG chamfering machine, RIDGID chamfering and cutting saw and other manual tools used to cut and chamfer pipes. Expanding the activities of the warehouse by the following services: cutting and chamfering steel pipes.


Expanding the activities by the production of pre-insulated METALNET thermal systems on the basis of progressive, environmentally friendly insulation materials (acquisition of METALNET, s.r.o.).

2022 – 2023

Purchase, mounting and commissioning of a line insulating steel pipes with the 3LPE (3-layer insulation) system. Anticorrosive insulation of pipes on the premises of the Prakovce Industrial Estate, expanding activities under DIN 30670 and EN ISO 21809-1.


Adding the mounting of internal and external heat distribution systems, central heating installation, the mounting, repairing and inspection of classified gas equipment for gas pressure reduction, gas distribution and gas consumption by combustion, the mounting, repairing and inspection of low and medium-pressure equipment of boiler rooms and pressure vessels (acquisition of REMONT, limited company, Košice) to the company’s portfolio.

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