Pre-insulated system for up to 150 °C

Integrated system for which it is typical that the hot water piping, insulation and jacket pipe form a unit.
The outer surface of the hot water pipe and the internal surface of the jacket are treated so as to be connected by insulating PUR foam which transfers forces onto the two parts.
Pipelines may be installed:

Under the ground (not in channels) in the HDPE jacket

Above the ground in the
SPIRO jacket

The integrated system for up to 145 °C moves as a whole. Under the ground, it is limited by friction between the plastic pipe and the soil and above ground by the resistance of the supports. Expansion is absorbed by natural deviations or expansion joints.


26,9 – 711 mm

Wall thickness

2,3 – 10 mm


Welded steel pipe
EN10217-1, EN10217-5
Seamless pipe
EN10216-2 (DIN 1629)
Integrated structure
EN 253:2003

Further information

Service life
When continuously thermally loaded at 150 °C, the life of the METALNET® system is 30 years supposing all the prescribed conditions for the mounting, positioning and operation of pre-insulated piping have been met.

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