HDPE plastic pipes

HDPE pipes are produced from raw material marked as PE100+ or PE100-RC and, thanks to their quality, they outperform other commercially available pipes. The pipes produced by our company are UV resistant.

The company also produces special products made from HDPE pipes such as distributors for heating systems, thermal insulation included.

We produce HDPE polyethylene piping systems on our own equipment CINCINNATTI EXTRUSION MONOS 75-376 in the production premises of SYSTEMTUBE GROUP in Brezno. All HDPE coatings for pre-insulated systems are automatically treated by corona discharge.

PE pipes are manufactured for:

  • Water distributing manifolds both external and internal;
  • Sewers
  • Jackets of pre-insulated pipes (with corona treated surface);
  • Piping for storm water off-take;
  • Industrially contaminated water off-take;
  • System of electric and data wiring protection;
  • Irrigation inlet piping systems;

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